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    Principal's Desk:
  • Children are the most important assets of any country and the most important human resource for overall development of the nation. Schools are one of the settings outside the home where children can acquire new knowledge and skills to grow into productive and capable citizens who can involve themselves, support and help society as a whole to prosper.

    The learning process at our institute is both challenging and enjoyable. We believe education should foster creativity, independent thinking, exploration and experimentation as a lifelong process. The success that we have achieved is due to optimism, unwavering faith and diligent hard work with our team of dynamic, keen, confident and courageous students and staff.  Our undying spirit and determination have made everyone take notice of our achievements.
    We do understand, value and appreciate the creative freedom of young minds. We believe that the potential of these tender souls need to be channelized in the right direction.
    Therefore we ensure that every individual is empowered with knowledge, skills, and value system that is needed, to take him through his journey of life as well as play a positive and constructive role in society . Along with nurturing talent we also ensure that every student is a winner in all aspects.
    These basic principles also formulate the mission of our school and help us bring about better understanding of the students potential and hence a conducive learning system is implemented in the school. Our aim is to create an ambience of learning with stress on proactive thinking and moulding a generation of competent and creative individuals capable of providing constructive leadership in a new world order.

    We endeavour to guide the students to appreciate life and to unravel the inner secrets of Mother Nature, to expose them to the global concepts of learning at a time when rapid changes are taking place around us. We also work towards creating in the students a spirit of adventure, quest for knowledge,  boundless enthusiasm  fearlessness and limitless energy.

    To achieve these aims and objectives other than academics, the school organizes various co-curricular activities. Our students are trained to excel in art, craft, music, elocution, aerobics, fencing, yoga, karate, skating, football, dodgeball, kabaddi, band and RSP(Road Safety Patrol) during the P.T and activity periods.
    All these activities are accomplished because of the unflinching dedication of the students and the staff and the constant motivation from the parents.

    At the Sardar Dastur Hormazdiar High School we firmly believe that children can be moulded.  They are gifts from God entrusted to us and we need to guide them intellectually, socially, morally, culturally and spiritually so that they can carve a niche for themselves in the world of opportunities and leave their footprints in the sands of time.

    Miss Farrah Y. Gustaspi


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