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    Leave Of Absence:
    • No pupil may remain absent from School without leave. Leave will be granted on a written application from Parents/ Guardians for valid reasons. Such leave must be entered in the Leave & Absence Record in the Calendar and must be duly signed by the parents as well as the Principal before the leave is taken.
    • In the case of leave which could not be obtained with prior permission of the Principal, the student on returning to School must produce his/ her parent's explanation of his/ her absence in the Leave & Absence Record in the Calendar
    • The period of absence necessary for infectious diseases is as follows :-

                       Chicken Pox – 2 weeks or longer if scabs have not fallen off.   

                       Measles – 2 weeks  from   onset.                                             

                       Mumps – 10 days to a fortnight.                    

                       Whooping Cough – till cough disappears. 


    • No leave will be granted for religious trips/ functions on School days. 
    • Absence without leave or leaving the school premises without the permission of the Principal for any reason whatsoever, is a grave offence deserving severe punishment at the discretion of the Principal.
    • Repeated absence renders the student liable to being struck off the Roll.
    • If a pupil is absent due to illness for more than 2 days, the Principal must be informed immediately.
    • Students are required to attend School on re-opening day after each vacation. Non–availability of train reservation will not be accepted as a reason for coming late.

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